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Don’t you want to know the difference of the coating between pro-use and commercial-use?

The surface of the paint is uneven if you see in the molecular level even it looks flat. The coating is what stretches membranes on the surface and fill in the gaps.

Coating for professional use


Volatile components are included as solvent in the pro-use coating. The coating chemicals are effectively penetrated in the gaps on the paint surface by the solvents. The solvents also help coating contents to create the membranes. The pro-use coating perform well and longer because it goes deeper in the paint. Polishing as the base treatment is done to align the height of paint molecules.

Coating for commercial use


Commercial coating doesn’t conclude the volatile solvents. Therefore, the coating components don’t penetrate deeply inside of the gap of the molecules, even they go into some point. This is the reason the life of commercial coatings is short. The coating affect will be worth if the dusts and water stains are inside of the molecular gaps.